Chairman’s Address

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The Chairman’s Address showcases the real stories behind going public, and the strategic considerations you need to know before, during and post IPO.

This event took a glimpse into the common stories of IPO companies. There are many situations – funding or exit motivations, growth & industry changes – which lead to a company evaluating an IPO as a strategic option. Those that have completed a successful IPO know the process involves the complete transformation of the people, infrastructure and culture.

Guest speaker Andrew Mathers, CEO of Trackster Global, shared the experiences and challenges he faced on the pathway to listing on the ASX.


Andrew Mathers



Andrew has worked with some of the world’s leading consumer brand and technology companies as an innovations’ director, including Sony, Pfizer, Ford, Samsung, LG, Unilever, and others. As an entrepreneur, he founded Maverick, a multi award winning communications agency sold to WPP and he went on to develop new technology for Align Communication Worldwide, the world’s first ever outdoor media metrics technology business, using facial recognition to measure outdoor advertising effectiveness. Andrew is also an entrepreneur in residence to a number of Australian and American universities and runs the Starter Alliance, an online start up accelerator with Andrew Banks of the Shark Tank as the start-up venture capital partner.


Wednesday 27th November 2019

5:30pm -7:30pm



The Cluster,

31 Queen St, Melbourne, 3000