IPO Network Announces New Corporate Governance Member

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TUESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2022: Today the IPO Network is delighted to announce the admission of Board Matters as our new member representing Corporate Governance.

Board Matters is a unique provider of board performance reviews, governance professional development, bespoke corporate governance advisory solutions and scalable board evaluation offerings. Board Matters pride themselves on ensuring that client specific requirements are explored at the outset of any engagement and that their clients are heard and understood. As one of Australia’s longest standing governance advisory firms, Board Matters’ 20 years of governance expertise provides a lengthy and impressive track record and is testament to their ability and focus on delivering a practical, value adding governance recommendations and client experience.

IPO Network Member Representative Jeffrey Luckins said: “Board Matters is the first member of the IPO Network to expertly focus its service offerings entirely around corporate governance services for their clients. Recognising their bespoke approach for clients and their exclusive partnerships with Nasdaq Governance Solutions and Ambrose Business Solutions, Board Matters is at the cutting edge of thought leadership and delivering unique professional and educational services and experiences. We are delighted to welcome Board Matters into the IPO Network to further complement our service offerings in the capital markets sector.”   Board Matters Managing Director, Jennifer Robertson, is very pleased to join the IPO Network saying: “We aim to inspire people to get the best out of themselves in their board roles. We do that through a range of different offerings that includes professional education programs, governance reviews and tailored result-focused consulting advice. Partnering with the IPO Network provides our clients with high quality complimentary professional services across Australia and immediate solutions to all manner of dilemma’s which clients encounter in the capital markets sector. We look forward to presenting at seminars and events with our distinctive knowledge and contributing to the leading-edge thought leadership that the IPO network has been delivering for over a decade.”

The IPO Network has member representatives in all capital cities of Australia. Whilst Board Matters operates throughout Australia, Board Matters is headquartered in Brisbane. This now firmly cements the IPO Network with connections throughout the east coast. This new presence in the Sunshine State ensures leadership activities will held in Brisbane with fellow members based in Queensland.

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Jeffrey Luckins
William Buck
Member Representative
T: +61 3 88 236 835
Jennifer Roberston
Board Matters
Member Representative
T: 1300 619 600


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Through their collaborative approach to developing bespoke solutions, Board Matters works with their clients to co-create and deliver the right governance solutions for their client’s unique needs. Board Matters works largely across the capital markets sector, not for profit sector, government, financial institutions and private industry. These enterprises are of sufficient scale such that they require a board and management team. Board Matters has a 20-year track record adding value to these enterprises’ operations and governance. Board Matters broad sector expertise allows us to draw on experiences to provide creative and practical guidance on governance challenges.

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